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The Pitchhiker Foundation is a California-based non-profit, with a mission to help music travel and increase career mobility in the music business. We break boundaries and geofences by letting people hear what's being played in other parts of the world.  We give artists a leg up to expand their audiences by providing them free exposure on meaningful platforms in markets away from home. 


Pitchhiker’s programs are designed to build community and provide pathways for music creators and their teams. Examples include the Australian Music Alliance, which focuses on the Australian music industry in the United States seeking to provide opportunities to other Australians.  We also create content such as KCRW's Global Beat, a radio show that exposes listeners to lesser-known music and artists from abroad.


Pitchhiker Foundation's Executive Director, Adam Burke, is a dual US/Australian citizen who resides in Los Angeles, and has worked professionally in entertainment as a lawyer and producer for over 25 years.  He produces Pitchhiker's radio programs.


Pitchhiker's collaborators include music experts such as Raul Campos, one of Los Angeles' favorite DJ's who is known for presenting his listeners with new independent music. Raul is a co-creator and host of the Global Beat series which has featured curators starting with our inaugural curator Andrew Khedoori as well as other brilliant music minds including Sam Cook, Leah FlanaganSosefina Fuamoli, Junf, Betto Arcos and Monica Saldaña.  These are the people who find the artists we support.


Pitchhiker’s institutional supporters and collaborators include 89.9FM KCRW in Los Angeles, The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project, The Australian Consulate Los Angeles, The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the US State Department.

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