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"Revive" is the title of the Australian Federal Government Cultural Policy for the next 5 years, issued January 2023. Download it here.


The policy is organised into 5 "pillars" with the following 10 "principles":


1. First Nations autonomy

2. Inclusiveness

3. Arts as a career

4. Arts education

5. Workplace standards for creators

6. Leadership from arts orgs

7. Cultural infrastructure (physical and digital spaces)

8. Australian stories

9. Tech empowered global connection

10. Create new and protect existing


This summarises the actions specified in the statement, with specific numbers provided where they are stated.


The highest level reform is to establish Creative Australia as the Federal Government's central national cultural policy entity.


Actions Under the 5 Pillars


1. First Nations


  • Implement the Uluru Statement in full

  • Create a First Nations-led Board for Creative Australia

  • Establish new body within Creative Australia that will have First Nations people decide First Nations issues including programs and investment

  • Details on new body to be decided by new Board

  • $80million for a National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs

  • $50million toward an Aboriginal Cultural Center in Perth

  • $5million to upgrade training facilities at NAISDA Dance College's Kariong campus

  • First Nations Language -- $11million to establish a Policy Partnership, support 60 primary schools, develop National Action Plan

  • $13.4million for legislation to protect first nations creations in the marketplace (eg, forgeries)

  • Create a National Resting Place for returned First Nations cultural heritage material


2. Australian Stories


  • Increase the Regional Arts Fund by $8.5million

  • Invest, including $13million to the Burnie Cultural Precinct, $2.4million to Bundanon for its operations in the Shoalhaven region, funding via the Regional Precincts and Partnerships Program

  • Partner with the National Collecting Institutions to display work from national collections

  • Establish arts residencies to visit the Australian World Heritage sites

  • Next phase of Natural Heritage Trust funding

  • $5million for an Arts and Disability Associated Plan

  • $4.2million in pilot funding for arts therapy

  • Undertake a Multicultural Framework Review

  • Establish a Community Language Schools Grants program

  • Invest in a Local Multicultural Projects initiative

  • Establish an Office for Youth to capture young voices in policy

  • Invest in improved digital connectivity

3. The Creators


  • Minimum pay for performers at Federal Government events

  • Include arts sector in Review of Modern Awards, ie, fair work determinations

  • Artist gig search as part of unemployment payment obligations

  • Establish a Centre for Arts and Entertainment Workplaces, within the newly established Creative Australia

  • Condition government funding on work standards

  • Fully implement all fifty-five recommendations of the Respect@Work Report

  • $32million for working women's centers nationwide

  • Regulations on managing psychological risks

  • Funding for Support Act via the Centre for Arts and Entertainment, toward mental health for the music sector

  • $12.9million to modernise and extend the Public and Educational Lending Right Schemes for book creators

  • $1.8million to enhance the Resale Royalty Scheme to provide international royalty payments to visual artists

  • Review copyright laws

  • $2.6million to support specialist in-school arts education programs

  • Support educating the five arts subjects (dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts) under the Australian Curriculum: The Arts

  • Better understand arts workforce challenges

  • Support the ongoing financial sustainability of the seven national performing arts training organisations, including through removal of the efficiency dividend and $5.0 million in additional assistance to the National Institute of Dramatic Art


4. Cultural Infrastructure


Creative Australia is defined under this pillar as "the Government’s principal arts investment and advisory body". Its governing board will be the Australia Council. Screen Australia will remain stand-alone. $44million in cut funds will be restored with total funding of $199million.


New bodies under Creative Australia include:


  • First Nations-led board (see, Pillar 1) with a budget of $35.5million

  • Music Australia to support the Australian music industry to grow with a budget of $69.4million

  • Writers Australia to provide direct support to the literature sector from 2025 with a budget of $19.3million

  • Centre For Arts and Entertainment Workplaces to advise on work issues with a budget of $8.1million


Creative Australia will:


  • Administer various grants programs

  • Partner with states and territories to fund performing arts companies under the National Performing Arts Partnership Framework and visual arts organisations under the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy

  • Invest $19million in a works of scale fund

  • Publish a report on the state of Australian culture every 3 years in conjunction with Screen Australia

  • Lead a national approach to coordinate all levels of government arts activities

  • Research impacts of music festivals

  • Collect and report arts data

  • Assume the responsibilities of Creative Partnership Australia

  • Streamline programs that incentivise philanthropic support for the arts, such as the Register of Cultural Organisations

  • Increase funding for small and medium arts organisations

  • $11.8millon towards loaning National Gallery assets so more people see them

  • $3.8million to digitise at risk First Nations material

  • Update Significance 2.0 to judge the importance of objects

  • Modernise the Archives Act 1983 for the digital age

  • Modernise the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986 to make it easier to protect heritage

5. The Audience


  • Improve the National Broadband Network

  • Work with live performance industry and ACCC on scalped tickets

  • Introduce a Digital Games Tax Offset to support growth in large-scale games development in Australia

  • $12million increased investment in digital games developers via Screen Australia

  • Introduce requirements for Australian content on streaming services

  • Security of funding for ABC and SBS

  • Feasibility study to expand Double J's reach

  • Increase support for community broadcasting

  • Appoint an Ambassador for First Nations People and establish an Office for First Nations Engagement to embed First Nations voices, perspectives and experiences into Australia’s foreign policy, and help grow First Nations’ trade and investment

  • Reinstate the Australian Arts in Asia and the Pacific Awards

  • Strengthen arts collaboration and exchange and cultural diplomacy by leveraging Australia’s global diplomatic network in key Australian overseas posts

  • Deliver an Indo-Pacific Broadcasting Strategy

  • Increasing funding for Sounds Australia

  • Use Brand Australia to tell Australian stories

  • Strengthen and expand trade networks, including growing markets for cultural and creative exports

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